Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas cookie baking day

I was invited to be a part of a Christmas cookie baking day with a couple of coworkers and friend last Saturday. We decided to have it at my place and we had SO MUCH fun! The ladies showed up about 12:30 and stayed til a little after 6 pm. I was so pooped from all that baking and mixing and everything that goes into baking 3 or 4 dozen cookies! I don't even know how many cookies I made but they were yummy. ALL the results were yummy.
In the picture l-r, Andi, rolling her cookies in cinnamon, Kristina and I drinking our spided cider and Jodi cutting up her cookie dough.
Kristina made peanut brittle- it tasted perfect! yum!
Jodie made no bake chocolate and oatmeal cookies (love those!) and peanut butter cups with Hersey kisses on them.
Andi made an orange zest cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar - it was just like a orange snickerdoodle- delish!
I made soft and chewy gingerbread men and chocolate mocha cookies with peppermint icing.
I have eaten my way through about 2 dozen cookies since Saturday. AT LEAST!

While we were inside working away, Rick and our hardworking friend, Joe, were outside working hard.
They cut down about 6 dead trees in the backyard. Joe is in the tree. Rick is the one who looks like he's walking up an imaginary flight of stairs.

What a great day! I would definately do that again!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chicago Reader Blogs: A bad Deal for Chicago

Ok So here's a little bit on my brother Scott. Do you remember the fable from when you were a kid about the dog with a bone? He was crossing a bridge and saw his reflection. He thought his reflection (or the other dog) had a bigger bone so he dropped his bone to grab the bigger bone. But of course, he lost his bone and the bigger bone all together and was left with nothing.
It makes you wonder if that's what went on here with Mayor Daley?