Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birthday card

I just got back from Stampin Up! Convention this evening and I had SUCH a HUGE blast!!
I loved it! More details on that to come!
I had some pictures I wanted to share before I get to convention stuff so here are a couple of cards I had made previously.
The "Celebrate U" card was made with the All About U stamp set, Old Olive CS & ink, Chocolate Chip and Not Quite Navy inks. I like this color combo for masculine cards. I used the direct to paper technique.

This card was made with the Three For You punch box- which I LOVE! I used Wild Wasabi, Purely Pomengrante, basic black & Whisper White inks and CS.

I'm gonna go get some sleep!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Way back in June...

...I made a card for Father's Day. It's again very simple without alot of "stuff" or do-da's I don't like to see cards for men with alot of "stuff". I used Vintage Violet, Really Rust and Chocolate Chip card stock and RR, CC and Versamark inks. I rock and rolled my letters on DAD.

This is my Charlie cat. He loves boxes and he kept trying to get in the box but he's about 3-4 pounds overweight (yes, that is ALOT for a cat) and he kept tipping the box. So Rick helped him in, but he couldn't lay down like he wanted. Silly cat. Notice the doggy feet in the corner of the picture.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh! my aching back, new catalog and a card - Really!

I made this card for my brother's birthday. He is a gardener so the flowers are appropriate, I just tried to keep it simple. I used Night of Navy, Old Olive and Sahara Sand Inks and Cardstock. I used the Heartfelt Thanks, Canvas and Everyday Flexible Phrases stamp sets.

I have received my Winter 2007-2008 catalog and it's lovely, fantastic, gorgeous, addicting, etc., etc. If you haven't already seen it (gasp!) check it out here. I love the new In Color WILD WASABI! I haven't played with mine yet, I just finished mounting my new stamp sets.

I went to a spine specialist (is that a real title?) today for my back and I have a diagnosis after about 15 years of wondering and guessing: a tear in one of my discs, which is why I haven't felt like posting much lately. The doctor said I keep re-tearing it but never quite rupturing it (whew!). When I tear the disc, my muscles bunch up around it to protect it, which would explain why my pelvis sometimes feels like its almost dislocated! So I get to do physical therapy. Actually, I already was but it wasn't enough.
After my root canal on Wednesday, I should be doing good. July has just GOT to be better than June. Right?! mmmmm I'm going to bed.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I want my catalog!

My upline got hers today and she only lives a few blocks away! IT'S NOT FAIR!!
sniff sniff.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

College World Series and stuff

If you follow College Baseball or live in Omaha you know about the men's College World Series. It's the championship games now. Oregon State University Beavers vs. the North Carolina Tarheels. (what's a Tarheel?) Rick and I went to game 1 of the final series on Saturday. It was pretty fun. OSU 11-4. The Beavers ended up winning the next game and the championship.
I was especially happy to go because my back's been OUT for almost 4 weeks. In that time it's been almost "in" for about 4 days altogether, here and there, but mostly out. Saturday I woke up pain free! WOOHOO! It's been a bit bothersome this week, but SOOO much better than before.
I was supposed to go to a CWS game Monday but no go with my back being out as it was. Rick won the tickets for yesterday's game on the radio. We were pretty lucky to be able to go.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stampin' Up!'s New Fall/ Winter Catalog 2007

Today I received my copy of the Stampin' Success magazine, it's a periodical magazine that SU! sends out to each of their demonstrators each month with, tip of the ice berg: spectacular card and craft designs, tips, techniques and ideas. This month, of course, it's all about the new catalog. MY SKIN IS CRAWLING!!!


I promise not to give away too much in details but you have just got to be a LITTLE excited!? RIGHT?
I love the sneak peek into some of the new stamp sets, accessories, card stock and designer paper.
Does anyone else out there get a little excited with all things boho (bohemian). I do. I wish I used that kind of stuff more often. It's new, uncharted territory for me, so I look forward to getting my feet wet with it!
I know I'm not the only one DROOLING over and LOVING scallop punches. There are other new punches and I'm psyched with what I've seen so far.
And the new chipboard products.... oh yah baby!
Some of you may have already seen the rhinestone accents on card examples. LOVE EM! But the new ribbons.... lots and lots of NEW ribbons!!
I'm absolutely giddy!!
take a deep breath with me.
Want more yet?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Rocks' 3rd birthday

Rocks' 3rd birthday was on Tuesday. He did receive a couple birthday gifts, which he thoroughly enjoyed. These are the pictures of them moments before their destruction.

I finally stamped something!

I made this for the SplitcoastStampers color challenge CC116.
Cool Caribbean, Chocolate Chip, and Garden Green ink & cardstock. I kept it simple because everytime I tried to add something it looked funny. So this is a VERY simple card!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

This looked fun to play with:

I saw this on Jennifer Peebles website, The Good Life. I thought it was cute enough to share. Enjoy!

Pick your birthday month:
January: I kicked
February: I loved
March: I karate chopped
April: I licked
May: I jumped on
June: I smelled
July: I did the Macarena With
August: I had lunch with
September: I danced with
October: I sang to
November: I yelled at
December: I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:
1: a birdbath
2: a monster
3: a phone
4: a fork
5: a snowman
6: a gangster
7: my cell phone
8: my dog
9: my best friends' boyfriend
10: my neighbor
11: my science teacher
12: a banana
13: a fireman
14: a stuffed animal
15: a goat
16: a pickle
17: your mom
18: a spoon
19: a smurf
20: a baseball bat
21: a ninja
22: Chuck Norris
23: a noodle
24: a squirrel
25: a football player
26: my sister
27: my brother
28: an ipod
29: a surfer
30: a llama
31: a photographer

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:
White: because I'm cool like that
Black: because that's how I roll.
Pink: because I'm NOT crazy.
Red: because the voices told me to .
Blue: because I'm sexy and I do what I want
Green: because I think I need some serious help.
Purple: because I'm AWESOME!
Gray: because Big Bird said to and he's my leader.
Yellow: because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
Orange: because my family thinks I'm stupid anyway.
Brown: because I can.
Other: because I'm a Ninja !
None: because I can 't control myself.

What's yours??
Mine is: I did the Macarena with a goat because Big Bird said to and he's my leader.

I sound a little crazy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scott's Swearing In

I went back to Chicago one more time, to see Scott's Inaguration ceremony. It was a whole lot LESS work this time!

Nice pin. It's official, YEAH! It was a long day regardless. I was glad I was able to make it out one more time for this. It was a quick trip, I left Saturday afternoon and came back Monday night, the inaguration was Monday at 10:30 and lasted 2 hours. I met a really nice person on the plane trip back, that always helps! While I was gone my husband got food poisoning and was sick the whole time. Poor guy!
Well, it's late and I'll have to post again later more on my card creations.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy 60th Birthday... my husband's mom. This Saturday. I used Gable Green & Lovely Lilac CS & ink. Delight in Life for my stamp set and Fiskars scissors for the edging. I based this off of this card by Nichole Heady. I aslo used some Dazzling Diamonds glitter to spruce things up a bit. It did need sprucing. I also used a 1/4 of a piece of velcro to hold this closed. It seemed to want to pop open without it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Landmark Run accross Nebraska

My husband knows Scott Giddings from work at Girls and Boys Town. Scott is running/jogging 480 miles accross Nebraska. You can read his blog here to check on his progress.
It's very inspirational. I can hardly run accross the street.

“I want the youth at Girls and Boys Town to use this portion of their life, however difficult it might be and whatever struggles they might be going through, as a stepping stone to better things,” said Giddings. “I want them to know that people really care.”
What a great guy!

Scott has not been able to complete his run at this time. He's experiencing some severe leg pain and the doctors are unable to pinpoint the problem. He'll get it finished I'm sure, but for now he's resting the leg and hoping to get back out on the road.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Fever

I decided to have a little fun with the colors on my website. Just a touch of spring. I hope they're easy enough to read and still make certain words POP.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I made this card for my upline's demo swap. The colors came out really bad in the picture. What happened there?! It's supposed to be tempting turquoise, whisper white, barely banana, and regal rose card stock. I used tempting turquoise, barely banana, regal rose and whisper white (craft) ink. I dug out my Bold Butterfly stamp set, (I haven't used that in so long!) Canvas stamp, and Polka Dots and Paisley. Apricot and rose grosgrain ribbon.
I liked the way it turned out. We were supposed to make a spring card. I see the Happy stamp from PD&P and that's what I hear in my head...
Do you recognize the song? Happy Happy Joy Joy...


With a margin of 122 votes my brother Scott Waguespack beat incumbent Ted Matlak for Alderman of Chicago!!
What's an alderman? Lots of people ask that- I did too. Basically, city council. Chicago has 50 wards and an alderman for each ward.
Matlak's people were going door to door to get people out to vote, who knows what else... The last election they were going to nursing homes and escorting voters to the polls with the false promise of donuts.

I had my own experiences with Matlak's "goombas". On election day, I saw a neighbor of my brothers' (my three brothers have lived in the same building for many years now in Chicago). The neighbor is around 80-90 years old, he knew my grandparents, and I went over to say hi, when I returned to the street corner I was on, the goomba says "is that your poster child?"
I got a tad angry and said, "YEAH! why not?? why shouldn't he be??!!!"

I had another man by the name of Mike tell me that he bet my brother Scott didn't live in the ward (let's just asume for the sake of stupidity that the Chicago Board of Elections knows more than this Mike and my brother really is a resident of the ward- Matlak says otherwise) and that Scott never coached him (Mike) in little league. (Scott had previously coached little league in Chicago) I replied, "well, you are a little old for little league, in fact, you look to be older than my brother..."
His reply: "A loser can't coach a winner." All I can say is:
Mike. You are an idiot AND a loser. Ok. That's as 'nippy' as I'll get.

Even with all the election day jerks, it was still amazing!
I am so proud of my brothers. They don't always see eye to eye on everything but they supported each other in this and got the job done!

This picture was taken after midnight, so you can't laugh at what we look like, my husband and I had been outside a polling precinct since 6:30am and then showed up at the office at 7pm. Who knows what kind of sleep Scott and his girlfriend, Jade got (none?).

So, that's some of what I've been doing. I spent time in my yard and garden this weekend. Pulling weeds, planting flowers and seeds and repotting my indoor plants. I have alot of dirt under my nails and my hands are all cut up- I hate to wear gloves and I spent a little time with my rose bush. I love the spring and all the planting!
Fun stuff!

Good night!

Friday, April 13, 2007

sick, sick, sick

I have this lovely upper respiratory thing going on. Everyone at work and choir has it. Why not me too!? I am in process of sharing this nifty little bug with my husband. Lucky him.

I saw on Amy Rysavy's website a posting about sending this little boy Shane a birthday card. He wants millions of cards for his birthday. Here's a link to a video on
I had previously seen the radio station website that is trying to help get him all those cards.
I could repost ALL the information out there floating about birthday cards for Shane. Amy's website has most of what you need so just check it out there.
When you see what this little boy is going through with his leukemia it makes all your aches and pains seem so trivial, doesn't it?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So you like stuff on sale huh?

Here's the latest special from Stampin' Up! If you like getting stamps at 20% off contact me! What's the catch? You would have to choose from the following word stamps.

Warm Words
Tiny Talk
In My Thoughts
All Year Cheer II
Short Order Alphabet
Everyday Flexible Phrases

Now, which ones do you want?

Latest from Fox News - Scott's campaign

yah that's JUST a coincidence. hmmm
I tried to show the video here, if you can't see it click here

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Playing again with my Carte Postale

I got inspired yesterday with a card out of Papercrafts magazine. It wasn't exactly what I originally had planned but I like it just the same.
I used sage shadow, chocolate chip and very vanilla SU! card stock and ink. And of course Carte Postale. I used the distressing edge of the cutter kit on the chocolate chip paper, up close it gives it a very 'antiquey' look.

I tried staging my card a little - I felt kinda silly doing it. "here card, sit next to my ink pads and stuff".
I broke my lamp setting this up. Darn.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Things are heating up- it's a "red hot" race!

Click here to see the piece CBS did with the latest on Scott's race for Alderman (City Council). I love it - at the end they say Daley and other Aldermans are puring in money and manpower to help Matlak.
That's because they know how serious it is - Scott can win this!
Matlak has spread an amazing amount of lies. Most of it has been confirmed that they are lies by the media but that doesn't stop him from spreading them. If you live in the 32nd ward: Vote on the 17th! Don't vote for the machine!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Scallops, scallops everywhere. Except Omaha.There aren't any Giga punches to be found out here. I will have to find a way to purchase one online. I am not much for online purchasing. I've done it, just not a whole lot.
Anyhow I just love the look of scallop punches. This is one way to make a faux punch. I have also seen another tutorial on GinaK designs website using your SU! word window punch. Such clever people!

This is a top folding card, I used Cameo Coral, Kraft amd Whisper White CS and Old Olive, CC, WW ink. Heartfelt Thanks stamps and pink SU! grosgrain ribbon!
I did the scallop based on Sarah's tutorial, from Sarah and the Stampstars. Thanks for looking!

Matlak-ed Again

Here's a neat little video someone made for the upcoming election run-offs in Chicago. Scott hasn't heard who made this one yet (he didn't have anything to do with it). I think you'll enjoy it!
If you want to know more here's the link to his website:

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

StampinKub's Website
I've seen guys stamp before and I am always impressed. This one's no different!
I think you'll agree.
He has great tutorials as well.

Alli's Photo 101

Alli's Photo 101
This is a link to how to take better card pictures. I am gonna try some of this. I know my camera can take better pictures than what it is, I just haven't figured out the best way to do it. I first need a better light source and background.
Alli is also having a blog candy giveaway because it's her birthday! YEAH!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Poppy Paperie Giveaway

Lisa is doing a giveaway as well. Tons of goodies! LOVE THIS GAL'S WORK!!

I did another SCS challenge

I always knew I wanted to participate in the challenges. I thought the colors were definately different than anything I'd ever choose. I like them together too.
Marigold Morning, Really Rust & Brocade Blue inks & CS. I also used Hodgepodge Hardware and hemp. The stamp sets were Play on Words & Polka Dots & Paisley.
I figured while I was at it...challenging away I may as well make it a double and I did the card sketch challenge too.
What fun! :)

Gina K giveaway

Well if you haven't heard by now GinaK is giving away a giga scallop punch on her website.
Go there now and sign up!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How Now Brown Cow?

I made this card for the SCS technique challenge last week. I had been thinking of doing this for a while since it's my first "cow" stamp.
I used Basic Brown, Chocolate Chip and Very Vanilla CS & ink. I also used a smidge of Pretty in Pink ink when I aquapainted her nose and udder. Very Punny & Rough Edges Alphabet with twill tape and the brown ruffly ribbon from SU!'s FLIRTY pack of ribbon last mini catalog.
Now if I give this card to someone they won't really think I'm calling them a brown cow, right?

'Cuz I'm not.

Friday, March 23, 2007

My computer is on VACATION!

I haven't posted since forever because my computer is being updated. It was only supposed to take a few days but it's over a week now going on two weeks. I'm having computer withdrawls!!
I have been able to stamp a little bit instead. I needed to make a thank you for the guy who is working on it, so it needed to be SIMPLE and not girly according to my husband. HA HA.
It's very simple. Whisper White & Night of Navy cardstock and ink with Play on Words SU! Stamp set.
I kinda like it!

bald eagle party

Driving home from Tracy's funeral, somewhere between Dubuque and Iowa City, IA my husband and I saw this field with all these large birds flying around, on the ground and in trees. We stopped to take pictures. I was convinced they were bald eagles, my husband wasn't. He thought they might be osprey. I looked up pictures on the Cornell Lab of Orinthology webpage "All About Birds" and I say they are definately Bald Eagles. Bald Eagles don't get their white feathers until they are at least 5 years old. That would explain the number of birds we saw without white heads and tails.
I know the pictures are hard to see but I think if you click on them you can zoom in and see the ones in the trees even. It was amazing.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Post It Note Holder

This is a little post it note holder I made for a workshop gift recently. I used the slit punch to create a tab to keep it shut. I used the Circle of Friendship stamp set with Real Red, Bashful Blue, Barely Banana ink and cardstock.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Chicago Elections

I was gone for a few days last week. My husband and I helped my brother Scott on his campaign and election day. WOW!! What an eyeopener! I had no idea so much bullying and questionable practices still existed in political elections just to keep people who are in office: in office. My brother's campaign was on the up and up so no worries there. It was the other team that I would be worrying about. CRIMEMANELY SAKES! We had support in some of the most unexpected areas though.

Check out the picture of my niece, isn't she a doll?

There will be a runoff election in April. There were not enough votes for any of the three parties to win and apparently you have to win by 50%. It was very exciting and we can't wait til April! This election will be between only the top two candidates. They had really low voter turnout, that was disappointing. So many people take that for granted.
Check out his website for more info:

We got back just in time for 12 inches of snowfall! The next day we got an extra two inches. When the snow was all done drifting we had 4 and 5 foot snow drifts up against our house!

Yes, that is a 6 foot privacy fence!

Our dog just LOVES the snow and cold weather. Life would be perfect in a snowbank for him if only the snow didn't get stuck in his feathers and between his toes. This is him getting ready to jump over or through this snowbank.


Rick and I got a call tonight at 6:30 from his friend, Eric, to let us know Tracy passed away today. The funeral will be Wednesday or Thursday with a wake the night before. Eric will be making arrangements tomorrow.

This picture was taken in October when she was in remission.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Update on Tracy

I don't have much just that Tracy is not doing as well these days. They think the cancer has moved to her brain as she is having difficulty with coherency. They've also increased her pain medicine to help her get around.
When we visited them she seemed to be doing very well- as well as you could hope for. There were hundre$s of people at the fundraiser so it seemed to be a success. She got up and spoke to everyone and to her children, knowing it would be video taped. Then she asked Eric to renew their vows. EVERYONE was in tears. They ended with a dance to Anne Murraye27s "Time Don't Run Out On Me". It makes you just want to hold on to your loved ones and never let go.
Thanks again for all your prayers.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Little Wall Calendar

I've been busy making stuff but not posting what I've been making.
I made this little calendar to fill a gift basket for my last workshop. I used In Full Bloom stamp set, True Thyme, Cranberry Crisp and Marigold Morning ink and cardstock. I also used a little bit of Hodgepodge Hardware.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Carte Postale Mon Amie

This is another 3x6 card I made with Carte Postale for a demo swap we had tonight. I just love this set. It makes me want to go to France, sit in a cafe drinking coffee and speak french. he he.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

sad news

Our friend Tracy's cancer returned in November, it's now in her bones. Her doctors gave her 6-12 months to live. She is a young mother of two little children. She is in the hospital in extreme pain and the doctors are trying to find the right combination of pain medication to help her and relieve some of her pain. Nothing they are giving her now is working. We're so worried for her and her husband and children. We'll be going to visit them next weekend for a fundraiser benefit and to spend a little time with them.

Monday, January 15, 2007

merci card

Yep, I cased it.
I FINALLY get a card made and I cased it from Stampin' Up! I requested this set for Christmas... from myself. Actually, we exhanged names in my family and I asked for Carte Postale for Christmas.
The card is a 3x6 card. Card stock and classic ink colors used include Chocolate Chip, Brocade Blue, Very Vanilla and Whisper White craft ink. I don't have the Very Vanilla craft ink yet, but you almost can't tell because it's on the Chocolate Chip card stock which gives it a little color. I also used a vintage brad and brown grosgrain ribbon.
The sad part is, this is the first card I've made all year!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bless this chick
I made my own chick tonight. You can make you're own too. Click on the link. I couldn't think of a name for my chick...TBA I guess. Suggestions?

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Scott Waguespack for Chicago

My brother is running for alderman of the 32nd Ward in Chicago. (They vote in February.) He is such a hard worker, he puts in ALOT of hours with anything he does. I can't imagine him not beating the guy he is running against- he sounds like such a jerk who has no concern for the residents or neighborhood. Check out my brother's website here:

There have been a few news articles written about him and the race. You can link to them from his website. My favorite is one where they refer to him as "The Sleeping Tiger"!