Saturday, March 1, 2008

What just happened to the last few months?

Well, the last time I posted on here was the end of July. My family showed up the next week to celebrate my Mom's 65th birthday. That was so much fun, even though it lasted a week, it wasn't long enough.
At the end of the week I received a promotion at work. It was stressful for a while. I thought I was interviewing someone to work with side by side after a coworker quit, but it turned out that I was interviewing my replacement for supervisor. What a surprise! That's not what we started out to do, it just turned out that way. I was promoted to Practice Manager. I learned a lot but I ran out of time because...
Within the next couple of weeks after I was promoted, my husband received a job offer. In Louisville, Kentucky.
really? what a commute that will be....
I was in a good place, my Stampin' Up! business was doing well. I had just been promoted and things were going well at work.
Thankfully Rick and I worked it out that I wouldn't need to leave Omaha right away. I could stay behind while the house sold and learn the new aspects of my job. As EVERYONE knows the housing market took a sudden downturn. Well, it seemed sudden to us. We finally sold the house and closed on it at the beginning of February.
I moved to Louisville 4 months after Rick with the dog and all the furniture, etc.
We are currently in a much smaller apartment than the house we were in so it's been interesting getting stuff unpacked.
I have just started looking for jobs. I took time off from that to get acclimated to the area and stuff.
Thankfully my husband loves his new job. I'm glad, I told him he better!!
I don't always deal too well with major changes. Sometimes I can take change in stride, other times it's a big stink.
I have been stamping in the meantime and now I am currently to the point where I can finally unpack my stamping stuff. Most of it anyhow. I hope to get back into the swing of it here soon.

Most of last summer and the fall I was having a hard time wanting to do much of anything. I was having a lot of back and pelvic problems. I had seen the doctor and a physical therapist with no real, lasting relief. The p.t. suggested I had a leg shorter than the other. Hmmm, unfortunately for me I was having growth spurts and then my leg would spontaneously shrink.
I went back to the spine specialist months later and this time I got a MRI done. I found out I had 3 bulging discs. (Oh, is that all?)
No wonder I had so many days I felt like I was going to vomit from the pain or pass out.
I started physical therapy again but this time with a very intelligent woman by the name of Amy. She was FANTASTIC! I tell you, it made all the world of difference to find her. She was able to tell me that in addition to my back problems, my pelvis was "out" in 3 places. She helped me immensely. With her help and the little healing miracle I experienced during this time, I feel so much better. My flare ups and 'episodes' of pain are so much more manageable, shorter in duration and less painful by tenfold.

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