Friday, September 4, 2009


I've had quite a bit of changes in the last few months. I was in a car accident back in June (note rear axle), I am in the middle of changing jobs and recently attended my brother's wedding in Chicago.

Having supportive friends are so important in life. They can really help you through some tough things. I am very grateful for all of my great friends far and near. All their prayers have certainly carried me through much of this. When I started asking for people to pray for me I really felt much calmer and less worried and stressed out within days. Definitely more peaceful. (Here are only a few of my great supportive friends.)

I start my new job next week and I am really looking forward to doing different things.

This past week was great, spending time with family and friends. Of course it went by too fast but it was great to officially welcome Jade into our family.

She was a beautiful bride and her family was wonderful.

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