Friday, April 1, 2011

Visit To Arizona in March

My trip started with a pom pom fight. All the girls (including the dog) got into it, Grandma, Alexandra, Stacy and Me.
Then In and Out burger for a yummy dinner.

The next day was Alexandra's First Holy Communion. She really has a heart full of God's love. She was so excited to celebrate this special day!

She may have a few stuffed animals, just a few...

We took a couple of nature hikes, one up in Catalina State Park, where we saw this prickly pear cactus growing ON a tree! I've never seen something like that before. ON a tree. Nature has its ways I guess...

Then, on the last day of my trip we were able to find a geocache! It was my mom's and Alexandra's first geocache find. They were pretty happy to finally find one. We had been looking the whole weekend. One had been 'muggled' and another we were on the wrong path and running out of daylight. Another, one of the clues said to watch out for a healthy rattlesnake guarding the cache, so I decided to skip that one... We finally found this little microcache. Success! Now Alexandra and her mom and dad have been geocaching a few times and have had good success. YEAH!!

Such a fun little trip, so sad to leave though. I miss them all very much but was thrilled to spend the time with them. It went by so quickly!

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