Monday, March 5, 2007

Chicago Elections

I was gone for a few days last week. My husband and I helped my brother Scott on his campaign and election day. WOW!! What an eyeopener! I had no idea so much bullying and questionable practices still existed in political elections just to keep people who are in office: in office. My brother's campaign was on the up and up so no worries there. It was the other team that I would be worrying about. CRIMEMANELY SAKES! We had support in some of the most unexpected areas though.

Check out the picture of my niece, isn't she a doll?

There will be a runoff election in April. There were not enough votes for any of the three parties to win and apparently you have to win by 50%. It was very exciting and we can't wait til April! This election will be between only the top two candidates. They had really low voter turnout, that was disappointing. So many people take that for granted.
Check out his website for more info:

We got back just in time for 12 inches of snowfall! The next day we got an extra two inches. When the snow was all done drifting we had 4 and 5 foot snow drifts up against our house!

Yes, that is a 6 foot privacy fence!

Our dog just LOVES the snow and cold weather. Life would be perfect in a snowbank for him if only the snow didn't get stuck in his feathers and between his toes. This is him getting ready to jump over or through this snowbank.

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