Thursday, January 29, 2009


On Monday night we got 2-3 inches of snow. It started raining on Tuesday during the day and most of the night there was freezing rain. We could hear tree branches breaking and crashing to the ground before we went to bed, and knew it would be bad by morning. We woke up Wednesday to almost an inch of ice on everything. By 10 am it started snowing again and we got another 1-2 inches of snow.
This tree fell while Rick was walking the dog, he was standing on the back patio when it came down. He's upset about that one- it was a good shade tree.

These trees are not nearly as bad as many that you could see throughout Louisville. Many look like weeping willows. The power is out at my work because of downed trees and power lines. There are 6-12 inch icicles on power lines.

It was sad to hear all the trees crashing all morning long. There has been no thawing. So everything is still in a frozen state. I tried to knock some ice or snow off a cedar tree bent over in the yard today and all it did was snap off the green 'needles'.

It's hard to see but there are actually 2 cedar trees that snapped in this photo. We lost about 4 trees in our yard but driving around you see trees on cars, on houses, and roads.
They said 125,000 people in Louisville are without power and it could take a week to get it all back on.
We were lucky again to not lose power, it flickered a few times but never went out.
The temps won't get above freezing for a few days.

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